How to Create a Blog

Are you tired of reading other peoples blogs? Do you feel a change in the way you are living your day to day life and looking for something new to explore? Are you just bursting with your own business ideas, but at a stand still of where to start?

Starting a blog just may be for you and the good news is that it has never been easier!

When I graduated college, I was at a stand still of what to do with my life. I had tons of ideas, but no focus and no way of pursuing my dreams. I was researching online the different ways to kick start a business of your own when I came across the idea of blogging. Now, I’m no marketing wiz or online genius, but you don’t have to be to start a blog!

In this article, I will take you step by step on how I started my very own blog!

Step 1: Pick a Webhosting Service

There are a ton of places where you can have your website hosted on. I personally like BlueHost as I feel they are safest and most reliable.

To begin, click the “get started now,” button.

Step 2: Pick a Plan

Now, if you’re just starting off, you will probably want to go with the cheaper plan. So go ahead and click on $3.95 per month option.

Step 3: Pick a Domain Name

Even before you pick a name for your business, you need to first figure out what your domain name will be. The reason I say you need to figure this out before hand is because you will want your Business name to match your Domain name.

You wouldn’t want your business to be called MadMaddiesBlog, but have a domain name of No one would be able to find you! So just make things easier for yourself and start typing in ideas to figure out what domain names are available.

I tried out the domain name awkwardcreature. That domain name is taken already. The nice thing about BlueHost is that it offers you other options for domain names that look similar to that. I went ahead and picked the name incrediblyawkwardcreature because that wasn’t taken.

Step 4: Fill Out Your Account Information

This one is self-explanatory 🙂 but slightly annoying.

Step 5: Adjust Your Package

If you have a business already up and running, great! You probably will want to pick the longer standing option of 36 months or 60 months. However, if you are a newbie and aren’t quite sure if the whole blogging thing is for you, best just pick the 12-month package. It’s cheapest and if you decide blogging isn’t for you then it isn’t too much of a loss.

Step 6: Payment

So, totaling up your domain name, domain privacy protection (highly recommended), and the hosting price. Your total would come to $83.28. Not too bad for just starting a business! Pay with a credit/debit card and don’t forget to agree to Bluehost’s Terms and Policies!


And that’s it! Starting a website is as easy as that! If you want to download wordpress, which I suggest you do, you will find that in the cpanel tab and you can search for wordpress and download it. With wordpress, you can pick from thousands of different themes and customize them to your liking to help make your website stand out!

I hope this little how-to article has helped some of your guys out and I hope to see you soon with your new site in the online world! Happy blogging!! 🙂