It can be extremely stressful planning just a regular few day trip. However, it can be even more stressful to plan a long term traveling adventure. Especially if that adventure includes your beloved dog. I’ve compiled a little list of all the items I take with me for my pooch when I travel. Check them out below…

Doggy Travel Gear

Collapsible Bowl

There is nothing worse than realizing half way up the mountain that you have no way of giving your dog water. Having a collapsible bowl on hand will be very handy. The best thing about these is that they are light weight and easy to pack.

Electric Collar

Unless your dog is an absolute saint and loves to be by your side, you’re probably going to want one of these. My dog is great, but she is a husky and huskies love to wander… I bring this along as a precautionary method. If you’re traveling somewhere new and exciting, but unknown, it’s best to keep your pooch close just in case. I have a Garmin brand collar, but you can find one that works best for you.

Hands-Free Dog Leash

I never ever leave my house without this if I am going on a hike or even just for a stroll around town. Having it has saved me from falling on my face countless times. I can walk around with Nukka on my hip with my hands completely free! I personally like the belts that come with a fanny pack attached because I can put things like treats, poop bags, my phone, or my iPod in there. However, if you’re not a fanny pack person there are other options.


My dog shed’s A LOT. I brush her 3 times a week at least and each time I do I could create a whole other dog out of the fur I get out of her. That being said, I will forever bring my furminator with me when I travel. It makes clean up more manageable.

Dog Hair Remover

Even though I can do my best to prevent Nukka from shedding too much, it really never stops. I use a lint roller to get the excess fur off of myself and furniture. You can use a paper lint roller if you want, they work really well, but I find this paperless lint roller and extremely brilliant idea. All you need to do is wash the excess hair off the roller after you use it and BAM – it’s ready for another round of defurifying. Really, it is up to you which one you want to use.